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L.C.C. Session Enrollment IS OPEN!

Join us for a special 3 months journey into the world of John Milton's Paradise Lost. We will meet once a week for one hour on Sundays 11:30am CST. And we will read one "book" (Or chapter) from Paradise Lost and discuss it. 

Start Date: July 30th.

You get access to the private forum as well as weekly emails to encourage you to continue your reading. If you need to miss attending a live weekly discussion, that is no problem. You should still do the reading that week. Each discussion is recorded.

Click the image below for the version of the book we are reading.

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Why Read western canon


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Is this a "great books" club or a "GREAT" book club? - Molly Johnson

Our first group was formed February 11th, 2021. Groups consist of 6-8 members and have access to all the mixers and meetings as well as the resources and the motivational emails. 

In our first group there is a wide range of members. We have an English Teacher, two homeschool moms, a Professor of Rhetoric, a real estate investor, an engineering student, a retiree, and a full-time writer. The ages range from 24 to over 60. 

One of the many values of becoming a member of the Literary Canon Club is that you will meet and interact with individuals from all walks of life who are interested in engaging with these great works of literature.


"It has been a thrilling journey to read through the Western Canon!


As part of the Literary Canon Club, I have the encouragement to read classics that I have always known about and highly interested in (even some I didn't know about). It is especially insightful to discuss our reading experience as a group and share what we've learned.

I am excited about future readings, and I highly recommend joining the club yourself."

Marco Romero - San antonio, TX

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