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Bloom! (poetry)

Often to understand poetry, it helps to compare two poems of a similar subject. On this episode I will be comparing a new poet to an old one. 

The new: Jeremiah Cobra is a writer and poet living in Souther California. He recently published his first book of short stories and poems in a compilation, "Beauty and Perspective." 

(You can purchase Jeremiah's book on amazon)

I'll be reading and discussing his poem A Flower's Bloom. 

The old: William Blake (1757-1827). Blake is one of the great Romantic poets of the 18th and 19th century. Considered a visionary in his own time, his series Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience commonly portray a deceptively simplistic scene, but hide a beautifully dark vision of the world.

(You can purchase The Complete Poems of William Blake, Penguin Classics on Amazon)

I'll be reading and discussing his poem The Blossom.

A Flower's Bloom

Jeremiah Cobra

My heart leapt in my chest

When my eyes met this flower,

Its leaves glistening

From an afternoon shower.

I thought I should be

Forevermore inspired

To behold its bloom—

A most radiant fire.

I acquired it at once,

And I so adored

That her beauty augmented

My chamber decor

My soul was uplifted,

and each day, it's restored

And thus, here's a promise

I shall never ignore:

Ma amour, if by chance

I find you neglected

Or left there to suffer

From my own transgressions

If I find you wilted,

Alone and distressed,

If your petals sulk,

Or your roots are affected,

I'll offer these letters,

As water to nourish

The roots and the flowers

I so dearly cherish

With hope that in time,

You will once again flourish,

And our souls together,

Uplifted. Refurbished.


The Blossom

by William Blake

Merry Merry Sparrow

Under leaves so green

A happy Blossom

Sees you swift as arrow

Seek your cradle narrow

Near my Bosom

Pretty Pretty Robin

Under leaves so green

A happy Blossom

Hears you sobbing sobbing

Pretty Pretty Robin

Near my Bosom


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