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Bonding with Art and Artists W/ Luc Travers

Nathaniel Branden, a psychologist and pioneer in the study of self-esteem, said that artists and creators have an above average acceptance of the condition of aloneness. We can learn a lot from artists at any time of life, including our current situation. So how did great artists deal with isolation? What can we learn from them? How can we be better in contemplating art and our own lives?

Luc Travers is an art historian and art guide who has returned to the show to explore art with us. We looked at six paintings and he describes what he believes are two huge values of studying not only the painting of great artists, but their lives as well.

Luc will be putting on a multi-week course on the topic of Bonding with Great Artists. This video will be a tiny taste of all that he has to offer. I highly recommend you check it out:



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