A Conversation with Screenwriter and Poet Paul Guay

Updated: Aug 17, 2021



Paul Guay conceived and co-wrote "Liar, Liar" and co-wrote "The Little Rascals" and "Heartbreakers."

Paul and I had a wonderful conversation about movies and movie making, art and culture, the changing tide of media, being a writer and the writing process, Paul's love of WWE, his filmmaking experiences, the Auteur Theory of Film-Making and much much more.

If you are interested in how movies are made, how to make a career in Hollywood, how the landscape is changing as well as the art of cinema, novels, short stories, poems and how that culture impacts our lives and society, this is a conversation not to be missed.


  • (opening) Making Little Rascals in the 1930s versus 1994 versus (hypothetically) 2020

  • (6:50) Paul discusses the difficulty of making comedies today

  • (7:30) Paul talks about creating movies for domestic market versus worldwide market

  • (10:00) Paul talks about a recent film that really excites him.

  • (15:00) We discuss the TV market for screenplays

  • (19:00) Writing screenplays: What it is like being a Hollywood writer and how Paul would break into the industry were he starting out today.

  • (22:00) Those LITTLE RASCALS! and Boys Will be Boys and Diversity (writing in today's cultural climate)

  • (28:00) Themes in Paul's screenplays

  • (30:00) Ayn Rand on the writing process

  • (32:00) Writing Liar, Liar

  • (39:00) Paul explains the three things necessary for writing.

  • (42:00) Thinking on Paper - pre-writing essentials

  • (44:00) Working with professional editors and consultants

  • (48:00) Paul's script consulting services are discussed

  • (49:30) Insider stories of Liar, Liar and being called the "Fallopian tube of Comedy" by Jim Carrey

  • (54:00) Paul's love of WWE Wrestling

  • (1:02:00) We discuss wrestler Kane and Donald Trump's career

  • (1:10:00) Paul reads his poem "The Crystal Springs Way" (re-printed below)

  • (1:14:00) Paul's poetic influences

  • (1:22:30) Paul's favorite movies (see below)

  • (1:23:00) Ayn Rand's view of Ilm

  • (1:35:00) We spend the remainder of the time discussing the Auteur Theory of FIlm-making

Movies and Books Mentioned on the Show: