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Introducing a New Art Podcast

Troubadour Magazine is proud to announce a new summer show called Surprised by Art! With Luc & Kirk.

It will feature art expert Luc Travers and poetry lover Kirk Barbera. Each episode Luc will select a painting and Kirk a poem and they will surprise the other with it live on the show. You will decide what topics they cover. So you the audience choose a topic such as "Leisure Time" or "The Isolation of Unrequited Love," and the hosts will secretly select a work of art they believe coincides with that topic.

One of the most surprising facts about works of art is that they are approachable by non-experts. No one needs a PhD to understand a work of art. These artworks are relevant to your daily lives and much easier to understand than you may at first believe. In this show not only will you be exposed to great works of painting and poetry, but you will hear the hosts discuss the paintings using their unique approaches to art examination, and give you their explanation as to why they made their selections.

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