Once More Round the Infinite (Chapter 1)

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Below is the first chapter of a book I wrote long ago, and have finally decided to publish. You can only purchase on Amazon Kindle at the moment. If you enjoy it please review it.

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The gleam in Benton Zeek’s eye terrified the thief seated beside him.

The two men were parked outside Charlotte’s Jewelry Store. Benton’s black-gloved hand gripped the steering wheel like the grip of a whip. One drop of sweat cut a path down his forehead and over his sharp cheekbone. A man, dressed in black, burst through the door of the store clutching two bags of jewelry. He ran to the Camaro, while screaming something at Benton, who did not respond.

Benton’s gaze held transfixed on an object at the end of the dark alley. The two thieves prodded Benton. He did not move. Their terror rising as the sound of burglar alarms reverberated through the alleyway—in the distance sirens were speeding toward them.

The two men turned to see what had captured the driver’s attention. There was a flame of challenge flickering in his eye. Then they saw it. Standing at the end of the tunnel of darkness. Daring them.

The Woman in White.

Benton’s hand moved to the ignition. He flicked it on like a Roman charioteer. He pushed his right foot to the floor, giving a warning blast to the intruder.

A sound emitted from Samuel, the thief beside Benton. It escaped through his broken teeth. “Can’t be her. Can’t. Not again. Run her over. Kill her!”

Benton revved the engine once more. The Woman in White took a step forward, meeting his challenge. Her face became illuminated by the lone streetlight. Her grey eyes flashed.

The occupants of the car noticed her body, but they could not look away from her hair. The thick redness belied all constraint; it flapped in the wind like a crimson battle flag.

Samuel’s jaw began to ache. His front teeth were on the verge of bursting from his mouth. Benton had flushed his heart with fear, but this woman froze it. She was Medusa; her red hair infested with snakes. Whenever she had arrived at one of their jobs, men died. A few had been captured by the police. More died. This was the stark raving terror felt by ancient man, at the appearance over a January sky of a mysterious red streak.

Only Benton Zeek was able to look on her.

Samuel felt a breeze on the back of his neck. Turning around, he saw Fred in the backseat rolling down the window. He thrust his hairy fist outside and fired at the woman. Simultaneously with the gunshot, Benton released the clutch and roared down the alleyway with such violence, everyone was pushed tight to their seats.