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Spiritual Snacks with Alexandra York

How can we get spiritual nourishment when we are quarantined in our homes?

Alexandra York's latest book "Soul Celebrations and Spiritual Snacks" can help us attain a sense of calm and serenity during this time of chaos.

In this conversation we discuss the ideas in the book, such as "Secular Spirituality," we read one of her poems from the book and discuss ways that the both of us are gaining spiritual fuel in our lives during the quarantine.

Even when this quarantine is over, these practices are very valuable. From picking up a rock by a beach you love, to purchasing a sculpture you love, there are practices big and small to help you have soul celebrations and spiritual snacks.

Just a few topics from the show:

  • Secular Spirituality

  • Accessing nature even in a concrete jungle

  • The Iliad by Homer

  • How to appreciate art at a museum

  • Surrounding yourself with art

  • How to discover your own personal values

  • Poems by Alexandra York

  • And the artwork of Alexandra's foundation


THE WORLD'S A SWEET BALLOON By Alexandra York The world's a sweet balloon, Toss it in the air; Turn it in your hand, The world is round and wonderful— Sun and stars and singing, Castles in the sand; Valentines and fireflies, Their wonder is splendiferal If you open up your eyes It's all yours Night and day So review it, remake it But live it, don't fake it Time's a friendly tune, Play it with a flare, Ups and downs and allarounds The music's light and fanciful— Mornings are beginnings Afternoons a joy, Evenings can be loving things Awhirl or lackadaisical A day can be a toy It's all yours Night and noon So spin it or bounce it But never renounce it Sweet, sweet world Sweetmeat world It can be a balloon This old world Is a sweet balloon



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