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The Present Day by Joe Dimon

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

They say it’s superficial

But is joy not deep?

They say it’s not simple

And that greed won’t sleep

“Toys, the soul can’t eat!

In the manger we stay!”

But manure’s no treat…

We love the present day!

What could be better

Than children’s broad grins,

Sweethearts with sweaters,

And eggnog with friends?

The spirit needs material

Or else it can’t play

Are cookies ethereal?!

We love the present day!

Sleigh bells turn cold

Into warmth so charming

Sing carols so bold

Crucifixion’s alarming!

Let’s worship the tree

And wait for the sleigh

Who all’s with me?

We love the present day!

Santa seems just

His is the way

Sacrifice? Crust!

We love the present day!

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