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Troubadour Magazine was established in 2018 to accomplish three broad goals. First to expose the public to great rational art from all eras. Second to inspire and educate individuals, so that they may elevate their taste in great art. Third to turn the artists' eye toward current events. 

To accomplish this Troubadour Magazine will provide readers with exposure to art that will expand the spirit, courses to expand and sharpen the mind, and topics for well-reasoned discussion.

Kirk Barbera

Kirk is a self taught literary critic, writer and teacher. He received his B.A. in Film/Theatre production and studied the great works of imaginative literature from Homer to Rand. He is a novelist and short story writer. He is host to Troubadour Podcast, a long-standing educational resource for the literary arts in poetry, short stories, novels and plays. He also hosts the Literary Canon Club, an online community dedicated to reading and understanding the Western literary canon.

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J.E. Tabor
Assistant Editor

J. E. Tabor is a speculative fiction enthusiast trained as an engineer and a lawyer. He has written in the genres of military thriller, space opera, historical fantasy, gothic horror, and post-apocalyptic. His stories have earned him second place in the Baen Fantasy Adventure Award and an honorable mention for the Writers of the Future Award. J. E. lives in St. Louis, Missouri with his wife, his cat, and his dog.

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Jonathan Harris
Assistant Editor

Jonathan is a data analyst at an investment banking firm. He holds a BS in Economics. He previously worked as an economist advocating for permissionless innovation in the technology sector of the U.S. economy and has published on the subject regarding Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality systems. He is also an avid fantasy writer and freelance editor. 

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Richard Williams
Assistant Editor

Dr. Richard Williams is an economist who is an expert in risk analysis and benefit-cost analysis. He has
written professional articles in each area as well as numerous national op-eds, and invited speeches in
countries from South Korea to Australia to Yugoslavia. He is currently writing a book about the FDA as
viewed from the inside about food safety and nutrition after his 27 year employment there.

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Joe Dimon
Assistant Editor

Joe is a MFA Writing student and a published author of short stories and poetry. He holds a BA in Philosophy. An avid performing and recording artist, Joe has also taught music theory and guitar and has acted in community theatre productions. Originally from northern California, he now lives with his wife and young son on a fruit farm in Maui, Hawaii and summers in Paros, Greece. 

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