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We Cannot Save the West if we Do not Understand The West
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How it Works

How the Literary Canon Club Works

1. Sign Up on

  • Easy Enrollment: Join the club by signing up through Follow the simple registration process to become an official member.

2. Dive into Monthly Book Discussions

  • Scheduled Readings: Each month, we focus on a classic work from the Western literary canon. Begin reading at your own pace.

  • Live Discussions: Participate in scheduled live discussions via Zoom to delve deeper into each book's themes and significance.

3. Access a Wealth of Resources

  • Guided Materials: Utilize our curated reading guides and resources to enhance your understanding of each work.

  • Recorded Sessions: Missed a live discussion? No problem. Access recordings of all sessions at your convenience.

4. Engage with a Global Community

  • Community Forum: Join discussions, share insights, and connect with fellow literature enthusiasts on our user-friendly forum.

  • Canon Convocation and Literary Lounge: Attend our special events - the Canon Convocation for in-depth book discussions and the Literary Lounge for casual literary socializing.

5. Stay Motivated and Inspired

  • Regular Updates: Receive motivational emails and updates to keep you engaged and excited about your literary journey.

6. Spread the Word

  • Community Growth: Invite friends and fellow readers to join and grow our vibrant community of literature lovers.

Join the Literary Canon Club today and embark on a journey of literary discovery and community building!


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Is this a "great books" club or a "GREAT" book club?
- Molly Johnson


"It has been a thrilling journey to read through the Western Canon!


As part of the Literary Canon Club, I have the encouragement to read classics that I have always known about and highly interested in (even some I didn't know about). It is especially insightful to discuss our reading experience as a group and share what we've learned.

I am excited about future readings, and I highly recommend joining the club yourself."

Marco Romero,
Owner Hilco Homes


If you have not sampled the Literature Cannon Club, have a taste!  The group is welcoming and Kirk is knowledgeable and inviting. In a world where literature is not easily accessible, the LCC makes it easy to open a treasure chest of valuable artistry.

Ann Ciccolella
Artistic Director Austin Shakespeare

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