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An online community dedicated to reading and exploring the western literary canon

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Club members read through a selection from the Classical Cannon of Literary Work. 

We have broken the list of 57 literary works into seven shorter "sessions." Each session is 6 months (with one exception which is 3 months). For example, Session One
 covers the Ancient Greeks and Romans. We will be reading The Iliad, a selection of Greek plays and The Aeneid.


The works we read range from short poems to long narrative epic poems and everything in between. By becoming a member, you will read the greatest works ever written from three categories, Narrative, Drama, Poetry.

You do not have to read the entire Canon with us if you choose not to.  

If you wish to join for only Session I that is acceptable. Or, if you want to skip Session I and join us for Session II: The Middle Ages, that is also acceptable. While we would love for you to join us for all seven sessions (SEE FAQ) we allow for "drop ins" to join any session that has open enrollment.

Once you enroll in a session, we ask that you stay for the entire session. 

There are many perks for becoming a member you will

  • Have access to our monthly zoom discussion call (90 minutes)

  • Be assigned a group of other like-minded individuals who are going through the Canon

  • Get lifetime access to our mixers (online or in person)

  • Get free or discounted access to future courses/lectures

  • Receive our packet of material to help you become a better reader

  • Learn techniques to help you read imaginative literature in its three major forms :Narrative, Drama, Poetry

  • And much more to come!

See our FAQ about why we chose these books, how much reading you'll need to do and more.

For a full list of the books in the Canon we will be reading, please reserve your spot and we will send you the list.


Signing Up VS. Membership. 

Signing up does not mean you pay the dues. You are not yet enrolled in a session. Signing up just means you will get more information about the books we will read and you will eventually be given access to join one of the sessions. Joining a session is when you will need to pay your dues.

Membership. This is paid monthly (you can cancel anytime). Or you can pay for an entire session upfront. If you pay for an entire session upfront you will receive a discount. Paying for the six month session upfront will give you a one month free discount.

Monthly Price


Session Price

$150 TOTAL

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