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3. Benito Cereno by Herman Melville ("Ch 1 Summary" and "A Closer Look")

Updated: Jun 16, 2021


In this episode we go over the first "Chapter" which I have titled "A Ship in Distress." 

Make sure you have listened to parts 1 & 2. Part 1 is my introduction to Melville's Novella. Part 2 is my reading of Chapter 1. And this part, 3, is my quick summary followed by a closer look into the chapter. 

I broke the Closer Look into 4 categories:

1) The Odd Ship

2) Aboard the Ship

3) Benito Cereno - First Surmises

4) Captain Amasa Delano, Whaling Ship Captain Extraordinaire

Next up will be a reading of "chapter 2."

Please note these chapters are my own inventions and not Melville's. He has written this story in one non-stop narrative. I am breaking it up to help make it a little more easy too digest.


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