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I Believe: A "Poem" By Kirk Barbera

I believe in romance

I believe in beauty

I believe chivalry ain’t dead

I believe life is an adventure

I believe a kiss under a Parisian sky tastes just a little better than a kiss on a couch

(I believe in couch kissing too)

I believe a man is a man and a woman is a woman (unless they’d prefer to be a tree or a lion or a faerie or a spring chicken)

I believe we make our own worlds

I believe the power of language can make wars, build businesses, form friendships, bring down empires and create love.

I believe in undying love (even when it hurts)

I believe a man should walk on the outside when with a woman

I believe a meaningless life is not worth living

I believe we make our own meaning

I believe people can surprise you

I believe extraordinary success is possible to anyone who works hard enough

I believe deep thoughts are a value unto themselves

I believe that art is essential to all humans (yes engineers too)

I believe in post coital cuddling (is non-negotiable)

I believe children are a choice not a salvation

I believe love is found (and lost) in the eyes

I believe a bed is meant to be shared

I believe a woman should cook for her man on occassion (though ordering out will suffice)

I believe  a man should fix the broken toilets (though plumbers exist ya know)

I believe fountain pens are the best pens for writing love letters

I believe classic literature is superior to modern (but modern is good too)

I believe true friendship can make life worth living (even when you don’t want to anymore)

I believe admiration helps us become better people

I believe it is absurd to expect a person to become their best selves alone (we do not build skyscrapers alone)

I believe partners should support each other (and sometimes leave each other alone)

I believe in reading chairs

I believe reading poetry to a woman is the best way to fall all the way in love

I believe in exploring: The world, ourselves, her body.

I believe Marvel is of our time but shakespeare is forever

I believe we only have one body and should care for it

I believe in lifting heavy things (especially when she’s looking)

I also believe a drink won’t kill ya

I believe great food prepared by a passionate chef is the difference between man and animal

I believe in life-long learning

I believe love happens when you truly are ready

I believe people come into our lives for a reason

I believe we write our own story

I believe ideas shape the world but art shows us a truer world

I believe pronouns can be playful too

I believe one’s romantic partner should be an irreplaceable value, but eroticism can be more complicated

I believe this “poem” is too long

I believe one woman may read this and (for me) that will be The Woman

If you believe (or at least don’t hate)

Some of what I believe

Then I believe

We should at least try one date.



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