The Two April Mornings by William Wordsworth

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Sunday Morning Poetry #2: "The Two April Mornings" by William Wordsworth...

In this discussion and reading of the famous piece of romantic poetry, I will explain the importance of metaphors, simile, and analogies; important to the poem and more important in your everyday life.

HINT: Thinking requires comparisons.


The Two April Mornings

By William Wordsworth

WE walk'd along, while bright and red

Uprose the morning sun;

And Matthew stopp'd, he look'd, and said,

"The will of God be done!"

A village schoolmaster was he,

With hair of glittering gray;

As blithe a man as you could see

On a spring holiday.

And on that morning, through the grass

And by the steaming rills

We travell'd merrily, to pass

A day among the hills.

"Our work," said I, "was well begun;

Then, from thy breast what thought,